The SkyReef aquarium controller

The SkyReef aquarium controller is a complex electronic system, which is capable of managing all of the electric devices, and chemical values of an aquarium. It is web-based and have own Internet connection, it means that do not need PC to manage, you can use your phone as well.It is possible to construct two types of system.
First the “domino like” system. The heart of the system is the “SkyReef Central Unit” ( number 0001) , it is able to manage twelve inputs , five outputs for HQI lamps, or LED lighting, or DC motors...The outputs can be programmed depending on the task. The Central unit is able to measure the temperature, and it can run programs with GPS accuracy. This is enough for a small system, this is the “entry-level” SkyReef system.
Later - if needed - additional units can be connected for example for Kalkwasser control.
The extension unit - the SkyReef 0002 aquarium control unit:
- can measure the PH
- can automatic control the water level
- can make automatic osmo-water
- can control the traditional calcium-reactor , or SkyReef completely controlled Co2 reactor. ( CCR reactor, flow and dosing control, depend on PH and time )
- can control the traditional kalkwasser stirrer , or SkyReef completely controlled Kalkwasser reactor. ( CCR reactor, flow and dosing control, depend on PH and time )
- it is able to generate an alarm e-mail for you
- collects the data on the server-side for years back even...
If necessary, from this family can build a solar powered system... The family continues to grow.
You know what you want, we give you what you need...

The second SkyReef system is the “all in one”. What is “all” ?
This is the “Rolls Roys” in SkyReef controller family ..... What we can give you as “extras”?

You can chose the
- material of the faceplate (with lacquered veneer );
- the color of the “ON” LED;
- the color of the chassis;
Why is this system more?
- This system is hand-made and we have a 100% output control. It is not a “series production”. It is an art.
- we can build the all furniture of the tank and lighting (with lacquered veneer ) .
- we build it in your home the system ( in EU ).
- this entails a dispatching service in 7/24 for check your system, and help for you...
- lifetime warranty
- we can build special requests, and you are in contact with the developers, and builders...

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